This blog contains a series of tutorials called "UnrealScript for Beginners" whose Table of Contents is below.

After the launch of the Unreal Engine 4, I started a new blog to teach game programming using Blueprints: Romero Blueprints.

UnrealScript for Beginners

  1. UDK Game Programming: UnrealScript
  2. UnrealScript Syntax
  3. Creating the first class in UnrealScript 
  4. Unreal Frontend
  5. Setting Up Notepad++ for UnrealScript
  6. Object Orientation and UnrealScript 
  7. Using Variables in UnrealScript
  8. Using Functions in UnrealScript
  9. Introduction to States in UnrealScript
  10. ActorComponent (UnrealScript)
  11. Pawn Class (UnrealScript)
  12. Controller Class (UnrealScript)
  13. Using Timers in UnrealScript
  14. Using Vectors in UnrealScript
  15. Key Binds and Exec Functions in UnrealScript
  16. GameInfo Class (UnrealScript) 
  17. Drawing the HUD (UnrealScript)
  18. Collision in UnrealScript
  19. Playing Sounds in UnrealScript
  20. Exploring the UnrealScript source code with UnCodeX
  21. PlayerInput Class (UnrealScript)
  22. Using Rotators in UnrealScript
  23. Camera Class (UnrealScript)
  24. PickupFactory and Inventory in UnrealScript
  25. Weapon Class (UnrealScript)
  26. Using Physics in UnrealScript
  27. Vehicle Class (UnrealScript)
  28. Using Configuration Files in UnrealScript
  29. AI Navigation in UnrealScript
  30. Using Archetypes in UnrealScript
  31. Platformer Kit: SPG_HUD class (UnrealScript)
  32. Platformer Kit: SPG_Camera class (UnrealScript)
  33. Platformer Kit: SPG_HealthPickup class (UnrealScript)
  34. Platformer Kit: SPG_InventoryManager class (UnrealScript)
  35. Platformer Kit: SPG_GameInfo class (UnrealScript)
  36. Platformer Kit: SPG_PlayerController class (UnrealScript)
  37. Platformer Kit: SPG_PlayerPawn class (UnrealScript)
  38. Platformer Kit: SPG_Weapon class (UnrealScript) 
  39. Platformer Kit: SPG_AIPawn class (UnrealScript) 
  40. Conclusion of "UnrealScript for Beginners"  
  1. Object and Actor References in UnrealScript
  2. Iterating with ForEach in UnrealScript
  3. Using Dynamic Arrays in UnrealScript
  4. Using Delegates in UnrealScript